Photos of buzz fix

A colleague of mine did the buzz fix for my freerunner (GTA02V6) on 2.4.2009. I got components by mail from Joerg Reisenweber which helped a lot since buying a small enough capacitor turned out to be tricky.

If you don't want to see all the pictures, you can jump directly to the sharpest image.

(14:10) The resistor has been removed:

(16:01) The new resistor has been added after at least five tries to get it right (we wasted three resistors in the process). We applied soldering paste to the pads, put the resistor on the pads and tried to heat it with a regular soldering iron.

(16:23) The capacitor has been added. We first soldered the wire to the capacitor, then capacitor ground and finally the wire to the pad.